Sunday, Funday!

You can tell that summer has arrived! Finally, it’s warm enough to go out and get a sun tan. This year will be different for my family, though. Why is that? Well, as you may know (or hey, maybe you don’t!) I left my job at Dicks Sporting Goods, about two months ago but before I left, my parents decided to invest in some kayaks with my awesome discount! So, WE HAVE KAYAKS NOW, YAY!

So, as you can probably guess… my mother and I went kayaking on this beautiful sunny Sunday!


We usually go to Pinchot State Park in PA. Pinchot is a beautiful park surrounding a pretty huge lake. There are a ton of different entrances and boating docks at different locations all around the lake. Are boat dock was located an hour from the location of the photo above. What a beautiful, hot day Sunday. I still can’t get over how much fun I had that day.

Have you thought about purchasing a kayak yet? Or maybe you’re trying to find the right time? Well, that is what we (my mother and I) thought when the idea crossed our minds, “Oh, we should probably wait and see…” or “We should wait and see next year” or “next season…” same old same old. But, we finally bit the bullet and got ourselves two kayaks. Now, we bought our kayaks at Dicks Sporting Goods which is what I mentioned above.. but you can find kayaks at a cheaper cost online. I’m sure you can find great deals on Amazon, but let me do the hard work for you and simply show you a few awesome kayaks that I found already with some pretty awesome prices!

Here are a few great Kayaks to check out:

  1. Sun Dolphin Aruba Sit-in Kayak (Lime, 10-Feet)
  2. Lifetime Tioga Sit-On-Top Kayak with Paddle (2 Pack), Lime, 120″
  3. BKC UH-RA220 11.5 foot Riptide Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak with Paddles and Upright Chair and Rudder System Included (Camo)

Kayaking can be expensive to start, but I guarantee you, they will last for a long, long time and it’s such a great outdoor activity and not to mention an amazing workout!


Also, who doesn’t love a nice relaxing day on the water, soaking up the sun while you take a break from paddling!?

Speaking of paddles, if you seriously are considering kayaking, let’s talk about accessories that come with purchasing kayaks.

A paddle is a given. You can’t row yourself down a stream without a paddle, right?! You also need a few extra things as well… such as a life jacket (those are required on your boat, but for most places not required to wear them), whistle, paddle connector (connects to your paddle and your boat), kayak car mount, and kayak garage hanger, boat launch permit (for State waters).

I know, I know.. I feel like I can see right through this screen at your eyes popping out of your skull with the items needed to kayak!! I promise you, it will be all worth it in the end.

You also can’t forget your sunscreen, coolers filled with beverages and sandwiches as well as your sunglasses for those bright sunny days and maybe a little tanning lotion to give yourself a little treat when you’re laying out sun bathing away.


I guess I just kinda sounded like a sales lady for a little bit there, didn’t I? Well, I’ve worked in retail for over six years, so I’ve had some experience with it to the point where, I sometimes don’t know that I am doing it! I’ve had a lot of practice, haha!

Let’s talk a minute about my new found love for kayaking!

The different sounds you hear on the water is completely different then the sounds you hear off the water, when you’re hiking or just sitting on the shore line with your toes in the water. What is fascinating is when you’re on the water, sound travels so much faster and clearer than it does when you’re not on the water. You can hear conversations from miles upstream, so interesting… isn’t it? (okay, someone told me that and I believe it because I’ve tested it out these last two weeks being in my kayak).

What I love most about kayaking, is the relaxation you feel just floating there. I practice meditation and I try to be mindful of the present moment rather than figuring out what I am going to do later that evening or the list of stuff I have to do that has yet to get done and when I am in my kayak floating, I am quiet. Listening to nature itself and to my surprise, my mind is quiet (which usually never happens).

But moving on, it was a beautiful end to my weekend. I am so looking forward to my three week break from work to spend a few of those days, kayaking before heading off to my vacations for the month of June!

Is anyone else leaving in June for any vacations and you’re super excited for, like me?! Feel free to comment below, your trips and/or vacation ideas! I love to travel so of course, I would love to hear your future trip and vacation plans! 

(Hi, my sales lady senses are back) Below, I am adding a few extra links to some items that you may need if you are seriously thinking about purchasing kayaks, or HECK, maybe you already have a kayak and you need some other accessories.There is no pressure in needing to purchase a single thing today, but I’ve listed everything you need here, so you don’t have to go searching the Internet yourself for them, so feel free to click and browse… the links are there for you.

Important Stuff:

1. Kayak Paddle
2. Whistles
3. Life Jackets
4. Car Mount
5. Kayak Garage Hanger


I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and just like us all, we can’t wait for this coming weekend!


Have a blessed day, everyone!


It’s Been A While…

Hello again, world! It truly has been quite a while since I’ve last written anything on here. Lately, it’s been weekend after weekend of traveling to Ohio, to Pittsburgh, to Ohio, back home! It’s been a good few months, heres what has been going on…


  1. I nailed a new job! I work as a para-educator along side of younger children who are autistic and support them in teaching!
  2. I have been three months consistent at the gym! YAS! That is one major goal nailed in the coffin, done! Accomplished and so proud! It’s taken me long enough, I decided to bite the bullet and get a personal trainer, who has changed my mind from loving bodybuilding and nothing else.. to loving Crossfit! Currently, I am lifting heavier and getting stronger! YAS!
  3. More time with God, yes. Since consistency has worked for me at the gym, now I am trying to stay consistent with my study time with God. There is so much to learn reading the word of God and I smile every time.
  4. My relationship with my man, Matthew has grown so much. We are just so close now. I thank God for that everyday and more!

That’s pretty much it. I wouldn’t mind staying consistent with writing, even if no one reads my blogs. I am content just writing them! I want to share my knowledge with the world on all the books and studying I do with God. Sometimes people just don’t have all the time in the world to sit and read books but a short blog post recapping the most important things a book has could benefit anyone really.

I will post more at a later time but the book I am reading is called “Your Beautiful Purpose” by Susie Larson. I actually went to a woman’s retreat in Maryland and she was just so wonderful. A weekend filled of her stories and wisdom to teach me how to grow better. With that being said, my mom and grandma both bought all her books she had on display. YUP. Our family is filled with bookworms. Which I don’t mind. I love getting lost in a good book, but more importantly, now I love getting lost in a good book on wisdom and how to better myself in the Truth.

Since I am almost done reading this book though, I may only post or write about the end of the book and try and recap the whole book as best as I can. Or I’ll just start a new book and begin blogging then.

I can’t decide. But slow and steady and with patience, I’m sure God will let me know what book I should tell the world about. Or the 3-4 people who decide to read my blog.


Anyways, Matthew and I are going out for this Friday evening. With that being said, I need to stop writing and get my butt into the shower and get semi decent for whatever tonight brings the both of us 🙂 HAVE A WONDERFUL FRIDAY and a BLESSED WEEKEND. I love all my reader and thank you for stopping by!



Bryanna Lynne

Oh Goodness Me, It’s Been A While!


**NEWSHOP is all caps**



Yes, it truly has been quite some time since I posted anything on my blog. My mind as been on a rollercoaster of TO DO lists to complete as well as “Stuff that really needs to get done or change…” I always have stuff I have to do, stuff that needs done, rarely ever do I actually stop, rest, and just sit and read a damn book for once.

I use too, I use to spend my entire day off seeing how many Assassin’s Creed memories I can complete in 5 hours. Yup! The gamer girl life. Now, I enjoy the video game noise in the background when my hunk of ham plays or I listen to The Rad Brad play a game on Youtube while I sit there completing another weave or hand lettering something for my Etsy page.


Yup, that’s what has been going on in my life lately. Starting my Etsy (<– yay! I did it), building inventory and clients, getting more views and learning how the SEO works and how I can benefit myself with it, etc, etc.. I have to say, I am slightly exhausted from all of today’s work. I learned a lot, now I am just hoping for more traffic.. fingers crossed!


So how about it? I am currently making a whole bunch of mini weaves and medium sized weaves for my page as well as learning embroidery, which I have to say.. is really awesome, I love it. Also, I wouldn’t mind adding some photography (digital downloads) and hand lettering.


That’s really all I have for you today, I am going to post some images from my Etsy and what is available. Thanks to all of you for reading and viewing my blog and thanks ahead of time for checking out my page. If you missed the part at the beginning, you can use a coupon since my shop is pretty new and you can save 20% off on any weave on my site which will end Feb. 18, 2017. Use the COUPON CODE: NEWSHOP at the checkout!


Thanks guys for reading, I hope to have more blog posts more often now with some different content and such.




Details of Her Day


I decided to share a little bit of my detailed images from a brides wedding that I photographed back in the fall. It was a beautiful fall, crisp day. The venue was stunning, leaves were falling and the sky was glowing in an orange hue as the sun was high in the sky and oh you better believe the sunset was gorgeous. However, I was inside the reception hall by the time the sun was setting, I believe. It was a few months since I photographed her day.

I have to say, out of all the photography subjects you could love and adore. I choose detail shots, landscape, and macro (close-up).


I also experimented with different actions I have come to acquire in Photoshop to enhance each of these photos artistically to look and feel spectacular, just like her day was!




I knew this blog post was going to be short and sweet but I just felt the need to share some of my photography with you guys! If you are curious or have questions about photography, please feel free to ask! I will be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day!




















Cheers To A New Year!!


farm-2Out with the old and in with the new! Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017!

Let me just start off and say, this post might be a long one.. I haven’t decided whether to split this post up into two. I have resolutions to share with you but I also want to share with you my awesome weekend! So, you have been warned a head of time!

I always loved reading everyone’s new years resolutions.. I am sure after this post of sharing mine, I’ll be hunting down more blogs and Instagram posts of random people’s resolution posts. I love to be inspired and I am motivated easily, so if I spot someone’s goal and it sounds like something I might want to try, BOOM! That’s something new for me to try!

But, before I get started with that… Let me share my awesome weekend with my amazing boyfriend who has given me another fantastic adventure!


I see this road a lot, ever since I was a little lady with curious eyes looking left and right and taking in all the scenery, and this weekend I saw it again!

Matthew bought tickets to see the Steelers, Browns game on New Years Day! For Christmas, I bought him the Pittsburgh Penguins New Years Eve tickets so that being said, we were both super pumped for our two days of professional sports teams hard at work!

I travel to Ohio a lot, my grandparents reside in a beautiful 4+ acre land across the boarder of Pennsylvania. So this drive was cake walk.


I won’t bore you with the traveling details and what not.. But we got to the hotel, which I have to say was the most confusing hotel I have ever been in. One elevator went up to 7 floors and we had to find the elevator that would take us to the 13th floor. Needless to say, we had to ask for help and finally found our room and unpacked.


Pittsburgh is a city filled with spirit and excitement. The fans here are just fantastic, more of a reason why Matthew is veering me to the Steelers. I never had a favorite Hockey or Baseball team. But after seeing the Pirates and Pens play, I love them! Steelers however, it’s been tough. Especially since I have stayed semi- hopeful that the Browns might bring victory, YEAH RIGHT! But because my family was born and raised in Ohio, therefore hopeful and supportive of the Browns, with regular head shaking. But I have been pretty impressed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, I’m sure it won’t take much more to convince me.

Moving forward, the Penguins hockey game was one of the games that you stayed on the edge of your seat the entire evening! Overtime, and BOOM! The Pittsburgh crowd jumps to their feet a few minutes in hooting and hollering for the Pens score to win the game!


Heading back to the hotel, tired but forcing my heavy eyes to stay awake for the ball drop! Matthew suggests food at the bar located in the main lobby, food sounded great and I needed the energy to enjoy my last meal of the old year!

In a matter of minutes, as a look at my phone, the ball is about to drop. Wow, where did that hour go? We got into the bar an hour before the new year and all of a sudden I am hearing the countdown with enthusiastic people shouting, “5!, 4!, 3!, 2!,… HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and of course, I share my first seconds of 2017 kissing my hunk.

How exciting… we finish our evening with cuddles, TV and a good night sleep. My thoughts of course, are going a mile a minute.. Things I want to do, make better, change, and take away. But, exhaustion takes the best of me and I shut my eyes my head on my mans chest, warmth in the comfort of his arms, and a smile on my face. Life is good and I’ve got another great year up ahead.


The morning arises, and might I add how the room had a soft morning glow. My alarm slowly awakens me and I noticed the slight light beginning to illuminate the white walls and my second thoughts of the new year is “oh, how beautiful.” My heart begins to beat even more as I realize that today is the day I see my first NFL game, ever! I quickly wake Matthew and tell him to get up and get dressed!


We hit the streets of Pittsburgh and as we walk to the stadium an hour before the gates open, I see this homeless man. Given, we’re in the city and there are lot’s of them. Standing there with their signs and faces of hopefulness and my heart feels for them. I’m freezing in my layers of warmth and yet, they’re three layers less than myself. But one homeless man stood out to me. As I was walking towards the stadium, I passed him. I notice he’s siting rather than standing, a typical sign saying the usual so my eyes move on to his limb.. it’s missing! Oh my, my heart beats with sadness.

We found some food along side of the stadium and I was craving a cheeseburger, however, I was not craving fries, but I asked for them anyways and gave the man my card. I eat about 5 fries and I complete my burger. Matt tells me he is burning up with his layers and as we check the clock, we have time to walk back to his truck and remove some of our layers.

The siting homeless man is still there, limb still missing, my heart still beating with empathy. I decide that these fries weren’t for me, I walked up to the man and told him,
“I am sorry that this is not money, but I brought you some fries” he lite up and smiled. He said something to the fact that it did not matter if it was money, he gladly excepted the French fries and shortly after I believe he received a beverage from someone else! I felt so much better after I gave the man my fries. So much better.


My day was made and I must say, a great start to my 2017 new year, new me. steelers

Just look at that view! But oh baby, was I ever so cold!? Yeah, I should have kept my layers on for this game. The sun was not on our seats at all. But that’s okay, we had each other to hold onto. Regardless, the game was exciting believe it or not.. they went into overtime and scored on a beautiful touch down which one the game!

That is it! That is my New Years eve and day adventure! But before I sign off for the evening I want to share my quick thoughts of my resolutions, there are many more but I’ll share some of them and I won’t put much detail but I will in another post all about it!

  • New Years Resolutions:
    • Healthy Eating and Exercise (duh!)
    • Get my Weaves on Etsy and sell!
    • Practice Macramé and eventually put on Etsy as well!
    • Organize both my rooms and de-clutter, clothing and all!
    • Read one book a month (thanks to @theweekendexplorer my friend Stephanie for that idea, who also blogs! Feel free to check her out on Instagram and WordPress if you’d like)
    • Blog more, constantly
    • IMPORTANT: Get my Word and Excel certifications off of Microsoft so I can add that to my resume to help me get a full time position in Wellspan.
    • Additional (to above): work on Windows 8.1 + certifications and learn more about working with Windows to add to my resume for possible IT positions in the future.


That’s it for now, the rest are a mystery, even to me! I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years eve and day! Thank you all for reading and viewing my blog. You all are beautiful and fantastic and you all are gifted lovelies!

Good day! or Evening, whenever you are reading this 😉

LOVE always,

Bryanna Lynne




















My mini weave process and how to do a few different knots. 

First off, may I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I had a wonderful morning and I pray that all of my readers had a beautiful morning as well. At age 24, my mom still has Christmas presents waiting for me under the tree and this year we both enjoyed a small Harry Potter themed Christmas, yes I am a few years behind. I never saw nor read the books and one day I decided to not only start my first weave (a few months back) but to sit down and weave while watching the Harry Potter marathon on Freeform. After watching the second movie, I messaged my mom, enthused and filled with excitement, about this new series that we both would get hooked on. So I purchased the series at Walmart and we began our journey on the hogwarts express. 

With that being said, this year she bought me Hedwig mug, trivia pursuit (harry potter themed), the new Cursed child book, and the entire book collection. I am filled with such joy! 

Anyways, my mini weaves and my big weaves took me over three months to understand and get right with a lot of mess ups and do-over’s. I had questions from a dear friend come up with how to do certain weaves and techniques so I told her that I would write it in my blog so she can use it as a reference. 

Keep in mind, I’m not a professional writer or blogger and I’ve never really explained in detail, on a blog for that matter, how to do something step by step so I will explain to the best of my ability how to do these different knots to help your weaves. 


Let’s begin with your empty loom and your color palette of yarn. 

I found the loom at AC Moore, when my eyes laid upon the box, I was so excited! I picked it up immediately and found my 50 off coupon and took this baby home and set it up. Originally 30-35$ I believe and it is a perfect beginner size, which allows you to make a mini weave or a medium weave. Now, in time I would love to make or buy a larger loom for larger weaves but this will do for now! But if you know a website or a good place to purchase big looms please let me know in the comment section below! 

Before I warp my loom, I always get my color palettes on Pinterest to see which goes best with which. I am addicted to making color swatches and palettes and I love searching for new ones! So, that’s kind of how I begin my weave.. with a color palette in mind. 

Then, I decide which yarn or color I would like to use to warp my loom with. 

I chose the mint color to warp. Now warping your loom is basically just getting your loom ready for your weave. Like below.. 

I decided that since I was making a mini weave, I didn’t need it to go the full length as I would for my medium looms and I just tied a knot to begin my warp in my loom and at the end! 

And now it’s time to start! We will begin with a plain weave…

I typically begin with cutting a decent amount of yarn from the ball. Now, I know I’ll need more than usual because my idea is to make my rya knots (explained below) in a “V” shape going up my loom. And as I’ll explain below, Rya knots needs to be secured below them with a plain weave. 

A plain weave is the most simple weave out there, taking your yarn needle you can begin going over and under or under and over. 

Note: keep in mind your yarn tails… I like to begin my weave under over to make sure my yarn tail is tucked behind my weave for an easy clean up when my loom is complete. 

In this case, I began my weave over under but remembered to tuck my tail before I went over it again. 

Fun fact: that ball of cuteness in the background is my dog and best friend, Cooper. He is an old man and only growing older. But nonetheless I still absolutely adore him. 

After a few more rows, I am ready to start my rya knot

Rya knots I thought looked complicated but there actually quite simple. They bring balance, texture and fun to your weave. I like to add them to the bottoms of all my weaves but you can switch it up and add them anywhere! 

For my Weave, I chose the bottom and decided to teach myself something new! I wanted to make them into a “V” shape. So I began with counting the width of my loom which came to 24 and dividing that in half which equaled 12 so I would count 12 spaces to place my middle Rya knot

But before I get to far ahead of myself, we have to make our strings of yarn for our knots. 

Supplies needed: 

Scissors, a notebook (I used a small journal) ultimately it depends on how long you want your knots to flow, and you also need the chosen color for your knots. 

Wrap around your template, for me that’s my journal. 

Then cut your strings at the top part of your object. 

Now your ready to go! You can start anywhere but for me I had to start in the middle for what I was going for. 

This next part, i am going to try my absolute hardest to explain. 

When you’ve got your strands of strings cut and pieced together, fold them in half 

1. Lay the U part over two warp threads (like the two I am pointing to above photo with my finger) with the tails facing you. 

2. Bring the left tail over and under your left warp thread. Then bring your right tail over and under your right warp thread. 

3. Pull snug and you’ve completed a Rya knot

I continued to plain weave, going over and under and behind my Rya knots to secure each one then as they equaled out I would add another two Rya knots as shown above. 

The next stitch above is a soumak stitch just like it’s shown above. If you’re weaving from the right side to the left of your loom like I am doing above, to make the stitch you have to loop your yarn needle under your warp threads to the right and keep going until you reach the end. Then reverse going the opposite direction. 

It will loop like this, and you then just pull snug and move on to the next warp thread to the left. 

Last thing I want to explain is when you run out of yarn, what to do?! 

Just like the three photos above, take your loose tail and tuck it in the back, then cut another arms length or two and begin where you left off. Easy easy. 

I found that YouTube has some good videos that teach you about weaving but I truly learned from skill share classes. I would definitely recommend and try 3 mints for .99 cents. Idk if that deal is still going on but you can find teacher will give you 3 months for 1$ if you browse and look around! 

So I hope I taught you something of value with plain weave, Rya knots and soumak stitch. Just keep practicing all three of these and you’ll be weaving beautiful tapestries in no time!! 

Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful knew year! Thank you fore reading my blog today! 

Love you all, 


Ps: I hope you learned a little something from my post today, please feel free to comment or ask questions on my blog if I was unclear. 

Goodbye Halloween. Hello, Thanksgiving!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetHow adorable, right?

Meet Matthew! He is my wonderful, caring and compassionate man who I have chose to be with for the rest of my life. No, he hasn’t asked me to marry him and we’re not engaged, yet, but I decided that he is worth every ounce to make happy and to devote time, energy, and all of my unconditional love to him.

I have dated a lot of boys in my past, all of which have taught me a ton and have made me into the woman I am today. But none have ever treated me like Matthew does and that’s how I knew, he was the one.

This photo captures just one quality of a million that he has. He drops what he is doing to spend time with his Niece, who is an absolute princess! Tonight was our halloween “trick or treat” with her in the house and in this photo, Matthew was fixing her hair. I know that one day, when we decide to have kiddos, he is going to be one amazing father and I love him.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Speaking of Halloween, sadly another one has ended and passed. But my mom and I started getting our living room all decked out and ready for Thanksgiving! We have our family coming over to our house this year, which is really exciting because my grandparents live in Ohio and my family usually travels there for the holidays. So, now we have to get everything ready to go, I can’t believe we only have a month! I am excited for that, but not so much for black Friday and retail, yuck!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
“Tis the Season” 8×10 canvas with silver embossed lettering and white embossed trees.

Tis the season is right, I have already been listening to Frank Sinatra Holiday while getting the basement cleaned up, finishing up projects for clients, being crafty, etc. Also, my mom and I decided to start celebrating Christmas early this year and we put up the tree!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Christmas Tree Lights

She is so beautiful! When we put it up I was awestruck and all of a sudden this overwhelming sense of peace and happiness ran through me and I just smiled while “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…” played through my TV speakers. The heat of the fire usually would be on but today the weather was just so nice and warm that we had the windows open!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I also added some snow birds and lights to the windows as well! This is my favorite time of the year. When I can bundle up outside and expect to wake up to snowy roads and hear the silence of the quiet roads as the snow falls on a cold evening with purple skies.


So finally, I saw in a magazine that I picked up to try and find one beautiful thing each day for 30 days and write it down in a journal. I wrote for day one, “Christmas tree lights” because that is what I saw today that warmed my heart.

I look forward to the days to come that I can bundle up in a blanket under the covers with my boyfriend and hot chocolate and watch the snow fall outside of my window while watching Christmas movies on Hallmark channel.