Bubble Butt Workout..hmm

So, I have been going on and on about research and gaining knowledge of how I can get sales on Etsy, using Pinterest and Instagram.. I still have more and more research to do. But I have started coding and building a new blog from scratch and the art behind coding is beautiful! My creative side of me is tingling with how I can customize my page any way I would like.. So there is another thing on my plate.

My self care has subsided though and even though I don’t really aim to have that perfect body anymore, although let’s get real it would still be nice, I still want to take care of the body I have been given. So, I was doing my usual pinning and saw this program written by another blogger on a daily challenge for lifted butt.. Let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s going to take a lot more than a monthly challenge of 4 moves a day to see a difference but I would like to actually start a challenge and complete it without missing a day or two. Just that satisfaction on completing it entirely, WOOHOO GO GET IT GIRL 😉

So, I am just going to add the link here on my page and you all can look into it if you’d like. We can lift our butts together and have gorgeously toned bubble butts, haha!


Give the site some loving, but I am also posting the photo beneath which I got free from going to the link!


So, who is with me?



Oh Goodness Me, It’s Been A While!


**NEWSHOP is all caps**

**Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sheweavesinjoy


Yes, it truly has been quite some time since I posted anything on my blog. My mind as been on a rollercoaster of TO DO lists to complete as well as “Stuff that really needs to get done or change…” I always have stuff I have to do, stuff that needs done, rarely ever do I actually stop, rest, and just sit and read a damn book for once.

I use too, I use to spend my entire day off seeing how many Assassin’s Creed memories I can complete in 5 hours. Yup! The gamer girl life. Now, I enjoy the video game noise in the background when my hunk of ham plays or I listen to The Rad Brad play a game on Youtube while I sit there completing another weave or hand lettering something for my Etsy page.


Yup, that’s what has been going on in my life lately. Starting my Etsy (<– yay! I did it), building inventory and clients, getting more views and learning how the SEO works and how I can benefit myself with it, etc, etc.. I have to say, I am slightly exhausted from all of today’s work. I learned a lot, now I am just hoping for more traffic.. fingers crossed!


So how about it? I am currently making a whole bunch of mini weaves and medium sized weaves for my page as well as learning embroidery, which I have to say.. is really awesome, I love it. Also, I wouldn’t mind adding some photography (digital downloads) and hand lettering.


That’s really all I have for you today, I am going to post some images from my Etsy and what is available. Thanks to all of you for reading and viewing my blog and thanks ahead of time for checking out my page. If you missed the part at the beginning, you can use a coupon since my shop is pretty new and you can save 20% off on any weave on my site which will end Feb. 18, 2017. Use the COUPON CODE: NEWSHOP at the checkout!


Thanks guys for reading, I hope to have more blog posts more often now with some different content and such.