My mini weave process and how to do a few different knots. 

First off, may I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I had a wonderful morning and I pray that all of my readers had a beautiful morning as well. At age 24, my mom still has Christmas presents waiting for me under the tree and this year we both enjoyed a small Harry Potter themed Christmas, yes I am a few years behind. I never saw nor read the books and one day I decided to not only start my first weave (a few months back) but to sit down and weave while watching the Harry Potter marathon on Freeform. After watching the second movie, I messaged my mom, enthused and filled with excitement, about this new series that we both would get hooked on. So I purchased the series at Walmart and we began our journey on the hogwarts express. 

With that being said, this year she bought me Hedwig mug, trivia pursuit (harry potter themed), the new Cursed child book, and the entire book collection. I am filled with such joy! 

Anyways, my mini weaves and my big weaves took me over three months to understand and get right with a lot of mess ups and do-over’s. I had questions from a dear friend come up with how to do certain weaves and techniques so I told her that I would write it in my blog so she can use it as a reference. 

Keep in mind, I’m not a professional writer or blogger and I’ve never really explained in detail, on a blog for that matter, how to do something step by step so I will explain to the best of my ability how to do these different knots to help your weaves. 


Let’s begin with your empty loom and your color palette of yarn. 

I found the loom at AC Moore, when my eyes laid upon the box, I was so excited! I picked it up immediately and found my 50 off coupon and took this baby home and set it up. Originally 30-35$ I believe and it is a perfect beginner size, which allows you to make a mini weave or a medium weave. Now, in time I would love to make or buy a larger loom for larger weaves but this will do for now! But if you know a website or a good place to purchase big looms please let me know in the comment section below! 

Before I warp my loom, I always get my color palettes on Pinterest to see which goes best with which. I am addicted to making color swatches and palettes and I love searching for new ones! So, that’s kind of how I begin my weave.. with a color palette in mind. 

Then, I decide which yarn or color I would like to use to warp my loom with. 

I chose the mint color to warp. Now warping your loom is basically just getting your loom ready for your weave. Like below.. 

I decided that since I was making a mini weave, I didn’t need it to go the full length as I would for my medium looms and I just tied a knot to begin my warp in my loom and at the end! 

And now it’s time to start! We will begin with a plain weave…

I typically begin with cutting a decent amount of yarn from the ball. Now, I know I’ll need more than usual because my idea is to make my rya knots (explained below) in a “V” shape going up my loom. And as I’ll explain below, Rya knots needs to be secured below them with a plain weave. 

A plain weave is the most simple weave out there, taking your yarn needle you can begin going over and under or under and over. 

Note: keep in mind your yarn tails… I like to begin my weave under over to make sure my yarn tail is tucked behind my weave for an easy clean up when my loom is complete. 

In this case, I began my weave over under but remembered to tuck my tail before I went over it again. 

Fun fact: that ball of cuteness in the background is my dog and best friend, Cooper. He is an old man and only growing older. But nonetheless I still absolutely adore him. 

After a few more rows, I am ready to start my rya knot

Rya knots I thought looked complicated but there actually quite simple. They bring balance, texture and fun to your weave. I like to add them to the bottoms of all my weaves but you can switch it up and add them anywhere! 

For my Weave, I chose the bottom and decided to teach myself something new! I wanted to make them into a “V” shape. So I began with counting the width of my loom which came to 24 and dividing that in half which equaled 12 so I would count 12 spaces to place my middle Rya knot

But before I get to far ahead of myself, we have to make our strings of yarn for our knots. 

Supplies needed: 

Scissors, a notebook (I used a small journal) ultimately it depends on how long you want your knots to flow, and you also need the chosen color for your knots. 

Wrap around your template, for me that’s my journal. 

Then cut your strings at the top part of your object. 

Now your ready to go! You can start anywhere but for me I had to start in the middle for what I was going for. 

This next part, i am going to try my absolute hardest to explain. 

When you’ve got your strands of strings cut and pieced together, fold them in half 

1. Lay the U part over two warp threads (like the two I am pointing to above photo with my finger) with the tails facing you. 

2. Bring the left tail over and under your left warp thread. Then bring your right tail over and under your right warp thread. 

3. Pull snug and you’ve completed a Rya knot

I continued to plain weave, going over and under and behind my Rya knots to secure each one then as they equaled out I would add another two Rya knots as shown above. 

The next stitch above is a soumak stitch just like it’s shown above. If you’re weaving from the right side to the left of your loom like I am doing above, to make the stitch you have to loop your yarn needle under your warp threads to the right and keep going until you reach the end. Then reverse going the opposite direction. 

It will loop like this, and you then just pull snug and move on to the next warp thread to the left. 

Last thing I want to explain is when you run out of yarn, what to do?! 

Just like the three photos above, take your loose tail and tuck it in the back, then cut another arms length or two and begin where you left off. Easy easy. 

I found that YouTube has some good videos that teach you about weaving but I truly learned from skill share classes. I would definitely recommend and try 3 mints for .99 cents. Idk if that deal is still going on but you can find teacher will give you 3 months for 1$ if you browse and look around! 

So I hope I taught you something of value with plain weave, Rya knots and soumak stitch. Just keep practicing all three of these and you’ll be weaving beautiful tapestries in no time!! 

Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful knew year! Thank you fore reading my blog today! 

Love you all, 


Ps: I hope you learned a little something from my post today, please feel free to comment or ask questions on my blog if I was unclear. 


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